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Questionnaire – 15 questions

Questionnaire – 15 questions you should ask yourself when building your brand identity

For a new or growing business, developing a brand is often overlooked as its value is either thought to be immeasurable in results and the last thing a company wants to spend its money on.

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Branding for the web logo

Branding for the Web

Whether you are launching a new website or developing an existing one, making sure that its design aptly presents and communicates your business can be a daunting prospect. The look and feel of a website, the way it reads, its tone, all add up to presenting your company presence online as a brand. By developing a unique style and applying it consistently throughout your website, its 'look' is what people will begin to remember when they revisit.

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Helix Branding logo

If you’re starting up in business – Where to begin with Branding and Design

You have taken a big leap of faith and decided to set yourself up in business. You have the ‘Big Idea’, you’ve prepared your business plan, you’re ready to go! The next step, “I need a name, a logo, a business card and a website”; but stop. Think.

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