A Value Proposition is a statement that a company uses to summarise why a customer should buy a product or use a service.

A Value Proposition improves customer understanding and engagement; helps your customers truly understand the value of your company's products and services. It also helps your ideal customers to see how your services benefit them and are their best available option.

So you’ll need to dig deep and ask some searching questions of your employees and customers if you want to discover a true picture of who you are, and ask:

1 What is my brand’s personality? friendly, authoritative, wacky? Its tone.
2 What benefits do my products or services provide? Benefits not features.
3 What brand promises have you made that you want your customers to believe?
4 A believable statement of purpose – What we do; why we do it; for whom do we do it?

Then you’ll need to distill the information you’ve gathered to produce a single statement that brings the proposition together. Your Value Proposition is a valuable and unique definer that will drive all your marketing.

What is your value proposition?

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