We can’t avoid marketing our businesses on Social Media. With over 3.6 billion people using social media worldwide it is an important arena for brands to connect with their audience. But, how can we do it better!

Well, remember that it’s called ‘social’ for a reason. Keep the experience conversational.

1 Don’t spread yourself too thin – know your audience and commit to one or two platforms they are likely to be on
2 Focus less on your products and services and more on your audience – don’t be just another advert!
3 Use your customers for social proof – encourage reviews or likes – user generated content is powerful as it gives proof to your audience.
4 Use visuals – pictures speak volumes and people turn off if there are too many words
5 Get you audience involved – questions, quizzes, surveys and competitions
6 Tell stories – it personalises your brand
7 Differentiate your style and tone across platforms – some channels are formal, others more relaxed
8 Use analytics for proof of your success.

So, engage with your followers, increase your audience, and spread your brand.
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