In some ways traditional advertising is dead. 

Technology has given us Social Media and for the first time in history business can maintain closer and richer connections with larger numbers of people – its customers.

Social media shouldn’t be seen as simply an activity, it’s an investment of time and resources. Nor is it about simply churning out content – it has to be optimised content that has resonance and value.

A business dipping their toe into social media must understand that any form of content marketing is a commitment and not a one off campaign. You’ll do better by thinking like a publisher or entertainer, than a traditional marketer.

Good content-based marketing gets repeated and shared on social media, increasing word-of-mouth mentions and creating a buzz – it’s an amplifier.

Try to create stories that create bonds with other like-minded people, give them social currency with the highest pass-on value you can.

Remember that social media is about people and not about your business – if your focus is the people – the people will end up focussing on you.

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