When we read a story our minds become engrossed with its subject and we feel the experience that is being described.

In her Forbes article, Susan Gunelius, President & CEO of KeySplash, touches on this.,

“Brand stories are not marketing materials. They are not ads, and they are not sales pitches. Brand stories should be told with the brand persona and the writer’s personality at centre stage. Boring stories won’t attract and retain readers, but stories brimming with personality can.

To write an effective brand story, it should have a simple structure.

There should be:

A problem – Explain the problem that you set out to solve
A solution – Describe how you solved it
And success – Get excited about the success this produced.

Be careful with the ending, though. It’s not supposed to be an ending like the end of the road. It should suggest the beginning of success and its continuation.

Remember, a story is the framework for a business’s life. Use the story to introduce other areas in your business that can resonate with your customers.

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