Look and feel are often paired together when talking about refining a brand and creating branded materials. The ‘look’ bit, is pretty straight forward – logo, colours, graphics etc – the less tangible aspect, loosely defined as ‘feel’ is the essence that drives business communication – it is the brand’s tone of voice.

A powerful ingredient in any brand, tone of voice if articulated consistently, can bring together not just thousands of communications but thousands of people playing a subtle but significant part in defining the brand experience.

A distinctive tone of voice can generate solidarity, familiarity and trustworthiness, Moving forward, a business can build upon these characteristics to convey other feelings and elicit other responses, like humour, happiness, curiosity, confidence.

The values that inform tone of voice must be authentic and easy to use – keep the rules simple, understandable and real.

Tone of voice is a brand’s personality – used well, you can trigger the desired emotions and help earn your customer’s trust. But you must be authentic and consistent with your brand.

Do you need help finding your tone of voice?

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