Branding and brand visual identity are sometimes used interchangeably. Though one is contained within another, the two concepts are not one and the same thing.

Visual identity sets the guidelines that promote consistency in a brand’s use of visual elements while Branding is a strategy that refers to the process of creating a brand, by defining its values and how they are organised to communicate to your customers.

Key elements of a Visual Identity include:
1 Name – unique to the business
2 Logo – the visual representation of branding and a graphic symbol of your business and its identity
3 Positioning statement – says what your business is
4 Colour – colour is a key brand identifier
5 Fonts and typography – conveying personality and tone
6 Photography and imagery – should be unique and memorable at portraying your brand
7 Graphics – info-graphics, graphs, charts, illustrations or textures
8 Environment graphics – providing a setting, within which your visual identity sits.

Apart from messaging and brand voice, brand visual identity plays a key role in consistent business presentation.

Do your visual identity elements work together to create a visual brand? Can I help to bring it all together?
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