Bringing your BRAND STORY to LIFE!

Brand storytelling can strengthen and increase your audience by creating a purposeful and human connection with your customers. Today's audience is driven by personal connections that they make with brands. These connections include, where you've come from and where you are going. They really want to know because they want a real and emotional connection with you.

A great brand story must be true, authentic, and honest. It cannot be made up or derived; consumers are pretty adept at knowing if something is authentic or made up and will punish you for it if they find out you’re not what you say you are.

A compelling story must be focussed on your customers, have a single clear message that resonates with them. There should be structure to your story, a meaningful start, a hearty middle and an emotional end. You can create characters that drive and tell the story, but, remember to deliver facts that include benefits and not features. Also try to develop some dynamic tension!

Once you’ve penned your brand story, you’ll find it permeates throughout your marketing and will flavour, both the tone in its delivery and unlock possibilities to how you express your brand creatively.

A brand story – it’s alive! What is your brand story?