Graphic design is a tricky discipline to understand because of all the subtle nuances and psychology that goes into creating it. Fashion and style dictate that designers should be innovative to create the impact a brand and its messages need. Design makes a brand memorable!

Use a simple palette – messages with too many colours can distract the audience.

Design determines first impressions. Keep it clean and simple. Studies have shown that consumers form an opinion about a web page in just 50 milliseconds—meaning your design needs to hit its mark on first glance.

Design has the power to give consumers immediate insight into your brand personality and making your design a user-friendly experience will win dividends in making your business a success.

Design motivates customers to act – an eye-catching logo, a meaningful ad, a compelling website will draw prospective customers to your business.

Good design doesn’t need to be all bells and whistles. In fact, design should never speak for itself. It should speak for your product or services, and it should quietly elevate your product to make it stand out.

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