GREEN? a colour conversation

Green in Branding is used to convey prestige and wealth – "let’s see the colour of your money!"

Associated with growth and vitality, it can be used to motivate people to join social groups and please a need to belong. As a result, green branding is popular with premium lifestyle brands and financial firms.

Green is used to represent brands as young and playful. As a natural colour It represents new beginnings or growth. It also represents health, freshness and peace.

Inspiring trust, clear thinking and the assistance in one’s search for worldly wisdom and understanding, green branding is ideal for technology companies and large global brands. 

On the negative side, green in business can suggest possessiveness and materialism, indifference and being over-cautious. Green is associated envy, being selfish and greedy, being devious with money – being a hypochondriac and a do-gooder!

What are your feelings about the colour green?

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