GREY? a colour conversation

In colour psychology, grey represents neutrality and balance giving it a sense of calm. Its meaning likely comes from being the shade between black and white. Grey is modern and sophisticated, a colour that has worked well for technology and luxury brands.

It is a neutral colour or achromatic colour, literally meaning ‘without colour’, because it can be composed of black and white.

It is the second safest choice for professionals and shows you are independent and sophisticated. It does not distract like Black., Black portrays leadership skills and authority, so may be best for high-level executive or managerial positions.

Greys are neutral and serious and can be combined with almost any other colour to impart different messages and to reach different target markets.

Grey is often substituted for the colour Silver when designing.

On the negative side grey is associated with boring, loneliness, basic and rigidity. Positive associations include, timelessness, reliability, iIntelligence, innocence, being fresh and reflective.

Do you like the colour grey?

Remember that colour is only one element of your brand’s personality. If you’d like to have a conversation about colour please message me.

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