How Can IFAs Generate More Enquiries and Sales through their website?

Financial advisers often tell me that the biggest challenge they have is marketing their services in order to find new clients.

It’s hard to imagine that any Financial advisor in business today isn’t using their website to attract and give information to their clients. A call to action on the homepage may prompt a client to pick up the phone, but how might you get more from your website and convert visitors into leads and leads converting into clients?

Make it easy for people to book an appointment with you.
Install an agile calendar so potential clients can arrange a meeting with you.

Install a chatbot.
Chatbots have been shown to greatly increase the number of enquiries you can generate from your website.

Offer multiple communication options.
The more ways people can get in touch with you the better, as what might be an obvious way of connecting for one, may not be for another.

As well as traditional channels such as phone and email, think about offering options for people to get in touch with you by text, WhatsApp, a chatbot, social media messaging, etc.

Also, make sure that you choose the right communication channel when following up on enquiries you receive.

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