One of our main business portals for communication to our customers is our website. On a simple level, a brand promise is an announcement of your pledge, telling your customers what they should expect when they buy your products or services.

A brand promise can be delivered to your customers through your website, your corporate story, and even your strap lines.

It’s a good way to elaborate on your positioning statement as it gives you the space to further convince and put at ease your customers so they begin to trust more.

Where a positioning statement gives context to your organisation, your promise is how your clients can differentiate you from your competition. A promise makes you inherently more desirable, and relatable too.

It’s the emotion that drives the brand to deliver a memorable experience.

We’ve all seen companies that struggle with establishing a strong, and credible brand promise. From the company that claims to be all about efficiency but takes forever to deliver to the restaurant that claims to be family-friendly, but never has high chairs for small children. The only way your brand promise can deliver value and loyalty is if you commit yourself to it.

Have you composed your brand promise? #brandpromise