A Positioning Statement is a distillation of what your business does and for whom and is comprised of 4 parts; the target, the category, the thing that makes you different, and the payoff. And every business should have one.

To write your positioning statement, follow these steps:

What is your typical customer focussed on?

Write a list of needs your customer has and that you intend to meet.

List your product/service’s benefits (not features) that uniquely meet those needs.

Use the list of customer needs and product/service benefits to finish this sentence: When my customer thinks of my product or service, I want them to think: ____________________.

Evaluate your positioning statement by making sure it’s simple, clear, and consistent.

Your positioning statement should be on everything your company produces when communicating with your customers.

But, don’t forget: The customer does the real positioning by paying attention and deciding to buy from you.

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