If we think of destination architecture like the Guggenheim Bilbao, it’s the Guggenheim that has made Bilbao a destination you want to travel to.

So, is your website an exciting, different, and unique experience that draws attention and becomes a destination?.

Does it have a grand entrance and a suite of beautifully executed rooms?. Is the flow through your website intuitive and elegant to navigate?. Are there perfectly positioned help points to provide just the right information when required? Do you exit through a perfectly appointed gift shop?

Above all, is your website a true experience and expression of your brand? If I were to meet you or visit your place of work, would I know that I had arrived at the right place?

These questions demand us to think deeply about how we want our business to be perceived by our customers, and that the environments we create to tell our story represent us in the best way possible.

Give me a call to explore how we might create a perfect destination for your customers.

Our websites are an opportunity for us to think differently. #challengeme #thinkdifferently