A common problem with businesses is they don’t know how to talk about their brand to others.

They are at a loss to know what social media, blog or newsletter content to write about, if you ask 10 of your team how to describe the business, they’d each say something different. Your business material is cliched and dull and replicates what your competitors say of themselves.

You may spend money promoting your business but not sure you’re saying it with the right words. Your brand messages are not coherent and don’t engage with your customers. Your competitors win business over you, not because they’re better, but that they tell a brighter story.

You’re struggling to identify your brand personality and its tone of voice. If asked who your target customer is, you’ll say ‘everyone’.

Don’t worry, these are all common issues businesses face when trying to identify their brand. Equally, they are not issues to be dealt with singularly as they are interrelated issues that run right through the business.

Brand clarity isn’t something you can just switch on, it takes time for a brand to ‘be real’ to you, and before it can be real for you customers.

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