It was Coca-Cola’s legendary Walter Landor who famously said, “Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind.” Being online, there are multiple channels to express your brand’s personality.

A significant percentage of potential customers go online to find local businesses and research products and services before buying, even if they will eventually consult and buy offline. Therefore, not designing an engaging online persona for your business can lead to missed opportunities to attract leads and make sales.

In branding, you want to connect with your customers; you want each of them to encounter your brand and feel ‘this is for me.’ Therefore, your branding goal should be to focus on the needs of your customers and that begins by researching them, monitoring and analysing their behaviour and habits, and learning their desires.

But most importantly, remain authentic to your brand personality. If you always have to pander to gain the attention of your customers, you may be targeting the wrong audience, or engaging the right audience in the wrong way.

If you’re able to make your customers feel happy online every time they encounter your brand, and that you are generous of sprit, you’ll engender trust with your audience and build lasting and loyal relationships.

How do you go about attracting customers online?

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