Before embarking on creating a relevant brand for your business it’s important to understand where your business is now and your ambition for it in the future – say, in five years time.

Think about the challenges your business is facing and how you would like your brand to overcome them. For instance, you may be very good at attracting new customers but few come back for your products or services again. This would seem the perfect opportunity to build more brand loyalty.

So, to do this, we need to find out what your potential customers care about and how they feel about your current brand and your market sector as a whole. We’ll need to do some research!

The most pertinent goal for any business is to have the best solution for their customers and that solution should be focussed on them.

There are many places to find answers to the questions you ask: online statistics, government reports, your existing customers. Create a questionnaire to ask a specific set of questions.

Research will enable you to find reliable information to answer the questions you asked and you’ll be equipped with a clearer idea of what your brand vision is.

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