A key feature of any brand is its colours and used in logo design sets the tone for the brand. Is your business a luxury brand, a corporate brand? Do you want to achieve a relaxed mood? Maybe go with soft neutral tones. How about a youthful, energetic, and bold look? There are so many things to consider.

Whenever you encounter a brand, it is its visual appearance, which largely depends on colour, that leaves a lasting impression.

When considering brand colours keep in mind that women don’t like grey, orange, and brown. They like blue, purple, and green, while men don’t like orange, purple and brown. Men like blue, green, and black. It can be a disaster if your’e designing a sporting design in purple.

Colour can set the basic tone, mood, connotation and conception of a brand or a product. People take only 90 seconds to discriminate for or against products online, and between 62% and 90% of their judgment of their initial view, is upon its colour scheme.

How did you choose the colours for your business? #colours #branding