Each font has a distinct personality, and matching a font to be in harmony with the essence of your brand is an important decision to make as it sets the tone of way you communicate to your customers.

Most importantly the typeface you chose must be clear and legible – if your customers have to struggle to understand what you’ve written they will become frustrated and disregard what it is you are saying.

Usually one of the first things to determine is whether to use a serif or san serif font. Serif fonts nod towards the classic, trustworthy and refined camp – think of the Times Newspaper and its font ‘Times’, where, on the other hand, san serif fonts speak to the ‘now’, no fuss, modern and immediate.

Remember to limit the amount of fonts you use in any design – 2-3 max. When using a different font, it should be used as an accent, as emphasis – so avoid choosing two fonts that look similar. In fact, the more similar fonts are, the more likely they will clash.

The key thing when combining two very different fonts is establishing a clear hierarchy between the two — one font should be more prominent than the other. Often, a primary font is a key to the personality of the business, the secondary font,its reasoned mind.