Brand personality is a set of human characteristics that are attributed to a brand name. A brand personality is something to which a customer can relate.

We see and react with brand as we do with people. We are often drawn to those with strong, positively-impactful personalities — and we always remember them.

Brand personality traits convey the following: Excitement, Desirability, Sophistication, Competence, Ruggedness and Sincerity

So, how do you create a brand personality
1 FIRST, Decide Who You Are – e.g.. The lover, explorer, sage, jester, ruler, magician, caregiver, innocent, hero, everyman, creator, outlaw etc
2 Know Your Audience
3 Choose Your Voice
4 Craft Your Message
5 Be Consistent
7 Use Feedback.

Once you’ve chosen the right personality for your business stick with it – acting sarcastically on Twitter, and then being innocent everywhere else, won’t encourage favourable popularity. People talk!

To make your brand truly memorable Inject some character. What personality is your business?
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