Everyone has a story to tell.

When I meet a client for the first time I simply ask, ‘What’s your story?”, it often throws them because they’re expecting a prolonged introduction of sharing of credentials and of the weather! The story question however, allows them to open up and talk about themselves a little and of their passion to why they are where they are, and gives us the opportunity to connect.

The question also leads to, “So, what’s the story behind your brand?”

A brand story goes beyond what’s written in a website or brochure or introduction on Facebook, it’s about thinking apart from products and services alone and reaching out to create meaningful connections with your customers. People love brands that are unique/different that have a sense of purpose. And we, want to build brands that others care about and love and want to buy into.

If done well, it will make great PR and give a raft of content to fuel a marketing strategy. Engaging back stories as to why, where and when and why now create powerful emotional empathy.

What’s your story?

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