The first thing I’d like to address is the word ‘branding’ – If I were to replace it with the word ‘reputation’ I may get your attention, because we all care about our reputation – don’t you think?

Branding is all about the impression you make. To succeed, that impression should do two things – it should convey what is special about your business and it should show it in a positive light.

So think about the impression you want to make and actively take steps to manage it.

There are two parts to this process. Firstly, you have to decide what you stand for – what makes you special and stand out, who you are aiming at and how you want to position yourself. Then you need to make sure that all aspects of your business are in line with this.

It's about applying your values to everything you do, clearly and consistently.

Everything you do in your business builds to create an impression of what it's like to do business with you - and that's your brand. So, you can either just let whatever impression you give happen randomly, or you can take control and manage it to your advantage.

You have a brand whether you like it or not. It's best to embrace that and find the best way to connect your brand with your target audience.

And if you need some help…