YELLOW? a colour conversation

If fun, speed, and low cost are important factors to your customers, you may consider yellow as a principal colour in your branding. Yellow is also effective as a secondary or highlight colour and is associated with optimism, warmth and clarity.

Although yellow tends to rate among peoples’ least favourite colours, its positive associations include: trustworthiness, security, speed, quality, frugality, reliability, courage and fear.

Yellow is an attention grabber, especially when used in contrast (either as a yellow field or yellow lettering against a sharply contrasting field, like blue).

Associated with sunshine and happiness, its one of the brightest colours, energising and warm.

Yellow can also be associated with deceit and cowardice.

Remember that colour is only one element of your brand’s personality. No one colour is going to say everything you want it to say without the proper context. Determining your company’s mission, values and personality will help your designer choose a colour that best sets up your brand for success.

Do you like the colour yellow?

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