Ensuring best results by design

A brand is the sum of how a product or business is perceived by those who experience it – including customers, investors, employees, the media, and more.

Brand design is the process of crafting a brand's visual identity by creating a unified system of design elements like logos, colours, typography, illustration, and photography. A brand's visual identity is the aesthetic embodiment of its positioning and personality.

At Helix Design our process allows us to engage, concentrate on detail and produce memorable design that has purpose.



Research is the first and most important part of our design process. It plays a key role in discovering what your customers need and how you can communicate with them. Research empowers creativity and lends focus to making confident design decisions. Our research demonstrates to clients how and why designs are created.



Intelligent creativity is at the heart of everything we do. We turn strategic insight into big ideas, creating design that is beautifully crafted, engaging and effective. By exploring a range of different concepts, we choose the most unique and strongest paths to develop further.



In creating our best design, we refine it and then measure it against a set of criterion to highlight how well it meets its requirements. For instance: How well does the design communicate to the consumer or audience? How clearly does the design reflect its USP? How strongly does the design stand out from its competition? How creative or unique is the design?



On delivery of a new brand it is essential that it has a launch strategy. A launch is not only a marketing exercise, it also ensures the team has a clear appreciation of the brand’s new values and how it differentiates itself from the competition and speaks to its audience. Launching a new brand identity and keeping it fresh in the minds of the consumer ensures that a brand becomes memorable.


Our services include: Branding and Brand strategy, Brand identity, Logo Design, Consultancy, Design for Print and Online, Marketing, Media and Exhibition Environments.

Helix collaborates with other industry professionals to offer a broader range of services that includes: copywriting, website production, SEO, photography, videography and social media campaigns.